A word from the President of the Conseil Général de la Somme

A word from the President of the Conseil Général de la Somme

Christian Manable, Président du Conseil Général de la SommeRencontres et Lumière, Encounters and Light: two words that infuse this 28th Saint-Riquier - Somme Bay Festival.

Encounters firstly, those that I have wanted to see develop for several years now, between musical genres and musicians representing all periods and styles. Here at Saint-Riquier, it is diversity, that of old and contemporary, classical and jazz, which create the richness of the moment.
Encounters that will occur naturally between musicians, scientists, writers, actors ... all coming together to share their passion, and an audience whose motivations and curiosity is as diverse as they are themselves.
These encounters are even more meaningful this year, in which the St Riquier Abbey, a property belonging to the Department, has been dedicated as a Cultural Meeting Centre, thus becoming a fountain from which will spring the collective wealth and influence of our actions.

As for Light, it is the theme of this 2012 edition. And if there is one man, an artist, who more than any other has "spoken" of light, that of our skies and our landscapes like the spirit and the divine, it is the great painter Alfred Manessier.
Son of the Somme, whose centenary of birth we celebrate, will be at the heart of many evocations by his friends - be they musicians or scientists - through concerts featuring works dear to the painter.

Light is also the quality that emerges through the works of Manessier, brought together for the first time at St Riquier in a major exhibition, but also through the many workshops, walks and lectures organised about him. These shared moments are offered to all, in particular through the Festival programming.

I hope that all the events of this rich and varied program will become so many moments of encounters and exchanges for all. For it is from these special moments that will spring the light that I, we all, hope will bathe St Riquier, our Somme Bay and our whole department.

I wish you all a wonderful festival.

Christian Manable